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Instantly generate reports, fill out questionnaires, and gain deeper insights from your data. Meet Kodex AI, your Intelligent Document Automation Platform, for regulated industries.

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Purpose-built for
Financial Organizations

financial services

Financial Services

From client services to regulatory compliance management and more, Kodex AI automates workflows and improves accuracy for your teams.



Stay innovative and ready to scale with Kodex AI. Optimize and accelerate your document processes and workflows to maintain cost effectiveness.

financial consulting

Financial Consulting

Spend more time with your clients and less on manual tasks. Kodex AI takes care of the busy work so you can focus on what matters most.

Our Platform

Transform Processes with
Responsible GenAI

Report Generator

Instantly draft any structured report with sources linked for factual intelligence. Your team can review, revise and export in just a few clicks.

Form Filler

Save time by automatically populating any form or questionnaire. DDQs, RFPs, sustainability questionnaires, and more.  No more informational retrieval, copying or pasting.

Q&A Assistant

Chat with your private documents and the web (real-time). We help teams redefine their research: retrieve, summarize, analyze, translate and more.

Task Automator

Create customized workflows to automate your most important tasks. From client solutions to ESG, a variety of teams have customized their unique tasks and workflows with Kodex AI.

Experience Results from Day One


Time Savings

Delve deeper into the data, improve workflows, and make smarter decisions in minutes instead of weeks.


Financial Accuracy

Experience reliable financial genAI. Kodex AI outperforms both GPT-4 (13%+) and Gemini (19%+) according to FinQABenchmark.


Processing Capacity

Exceed human processing limits. Simultaneously access public and private data for holistic real-time intelligence.

What Our Customers Say

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"Kodex AI addresses the specific needs of a highly regulated industry and significantly enhances the efficiency of how financial data is being extracted and analyzed."

Gil Perez
CIO, DEutsche Bank
Gil Perez, CIO of Deutsche Bank
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Our Solution

Tailored to Your Needs

Multimodal Capabilities

Ingests, understands, and generates any document in any format to connect various information and data types.  

Holistic (real-time) Intelligence

Connected to private and public data for real-time, nuanced and contextually relevant insights.

Smart Knowledge Graph

Automatic source recognition by use case, category and source suggestions, updates, compliance alerts and more.

Proactive Governance

Ensure data accuracy with a structured system, equipped with resources for seamless assessment and resolution.

Step into the Future of Finance with Kodex AI

Connect today to learn how our technology can transform efficiency, streamline workflows, and enhance decision-making processes.

Safe, Compliant, and Secure

Built with compliance, privacy, and data security in mind to ensure that the Kodex AI model is compliant with GDPR and local regulations.


Privacy First

Privacy is integrated from the start, aligning with GDPR principles. With state-of-the-art encryption and security, we prioritize the integrity and confidentiality of your data.


Local Hosting

Option to self-host our fine-tuned language model so your data remains within your infrastructure. Eliminate any concerns about data transfers that could breach regulations.


Central Control

Your company's data is our top priority. Our platform provides high-level administration authority over employee access and permissions via audit logs, usage tracking, and in-depth analytics.

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