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 Why choose Kodex AI?

"Kodex AI addresses the specific needs of a highly regulated industry and has the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency of how financial data is being extracted and analyzed."

Gil Perez
CIO, Deutsche Bank

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Be More Productive Than Ever Before

Kodex AI empowers financial professionals to optimize document analysis to ensure greater time allocation to valued clients

Automate manual work.
Achieve faster results and stronger analyses.
Reclaim time to focus on your clients.

Safe, Compliant and Secure

Built with compliance, privacy and data security in mind to ensure that the AI model is compliant with GDPR and local regulations

Privacy Focus

Our language model is crafted to prioritize your data's security and privacy. We've integrated privacy right from the start, aligning with GDPR's core principles. With our state-of-the-art encryption and security measures, your data's integrity and confidentiality are our commitment.

Local Hosting

We also offer the option to self-host our fine-tuned language model to empower you with full governance and control. Your data remains local and thus within your infrastructure, eliminating any concerns about international data transfers that might inadvertently breach GDPR regulations.

Central Control

Our platform provides high-level administration authority over employee access and permissions through detailed audit logs, usage tracking, and in-depth analytics. Our robust controls and policies ensure your company's data, intellectual property, and personal information are always protected.

Generative AI for Finance

Next Generation AI Solutions 

Kodex AI develops cutting-edge technology based on research papers and customizes it to suit the financial industry's specific needs, aiming for optimal results. Our product development revolves around empowering users to increase productivity and attain better results while keeping our users at the center of the product.

Fine-Tuned LLM

Our proprietary open-source-based Large Language Model is fine-tuned for the financial industry, combining expertise in sector-specific language and deep domain knowledge to be optimized on financial tasks.

Factual Intelligence

Our domain factual system does not generate unsupported information (no hallucinations) and provides an audit trail for data sources (including trusted third parties like regulators) used in its conclusions.

Internal Knowledge Graph

Our industry-leading knowledge graph technology creates a comprehensive, dynamic view of the relevant internal information and injects human domain knowledge into the Generative large language model.


Ensuring the safe and ethical use of AI has never been more critical. Our pioneering AI guardrails provide an extra layer of protection from data breaches and compliance issues, helping our users navigate with confidence.

AI Cockpit

By putting the user at the centre of the product, we give them full control over technology management and usage. The AI Cockpit empowers users to effortlessly control and optimize the system.

Use Cases

At Kodex AI, we provide Generative AI-driven solutions to help financial professionals get the most out of their time. We ensure to add value from Day 1.

Client Service Empowered

In an industry where world-class client service is key to success, Kodex AI enables agents to always have the most relevant information at their finger tips to serve customers faster.

Smart Form Auto-Population

Automatically populate customer questionnaires, reporting requests or request for proposals from potential customers to deliver the best work while saving time to focus on customers.

Governance Automation

Put your governance on auto-pilot and let Kodex AI automatically enforce controls, search for relevant regulatory updates or support employees in finding answers relevant for compliance.

Automated Document Review

To be announced in Q4 2023

Report Generation

To be announced in Q4 2023


If you have any further questions about Kodex AI, please do not hesitate to contact us.