Client Focus.
AI Efficiency.

Our Generative AI Platform takes care of busywork
such as RFPs, DDQs and more, so you can prioritize client connections and reclaim valuable time.
Kodex AI helps client-focused teams in financial institutions to prioritize their clients
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Why choose Kodex AI?

Kodex AI addresses the specific needs of a highly regulated industry and has the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency of how financial data is being extracted and analyzed.

Gil Perez, CIO of Deutsche Bank
Gil Perez
CIO, Deutsche Bank

Experience the future of finance,
powered by Kodex AI

Kodex AI is a generative AI platform for financial professionals

Boost your productivity like never before

Create proposals, reply RFPs, summarize meeting notes, or craft comprehensive analyses in minutes rather than days.

Enhance client interaction and personalization

Understand your client's needs faster to build and cultivate strong, lasting relationships with transparency at the forefront.

Gain efficiency from day one

Automate data gathering from multiple sources and find what you need quickly.

Reach your key business goals with our purpose-built Large Language Model (LLM)


Unlock comprehensive client insights

Effortlessly consolidate client information from diverse sources, delivering a 360-degree perspective for informed decision-making with compliance in mind.

Deliver competitive documents faster

Harness AI to answer RFPs, automate DDQs, create strategic proposals, and craft compelling pitch decks tailored to your clients in just a few clicks.

The perfect fit for client-focused teams managing complex financial tasks

Safe, compliant and secure

Built with compliance, privacy, and data security in mind to ensure that the Kodex AI model is compliant with GDPR and local regulations.

Privacy focus

Privacy is integrated right from the start, aligning with the core principles of GDPR. With our state-of-the-art encryption and security measures, we are committed to ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your data.
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Local hosting

We offer the option to self-host our fine-tuned language model, so your data remains within your infrastructure, eliminating any concerns about international data transfers that might inadvertently breach GDPR.
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Central control

Your company's data is always protected. Our platform provides high-level administration authority over employee access and permissions through detailed audit logs, usage tracking, and in-depth analytics.

Step into the Future of Finance with Kodex AI

Connect with us now to explore how our Generative AI technology can revolutionize your efficiency, simplify workflows, and elevate client interactions.
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