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We are a young VC-funded startup with a vision to revolutionize finance by cutting out tedious manual tasks by up to 90% and giving financial professionals their time back for more impactful work. Join us!

Why Kodex AI was founded

As fellow strategy consultants at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) back in 2018, Claus and Thomas observed that financial organizations employed many smart people who were slowed down by rote operational tasks such as data retrieval. After extensive research and late nights combing through countless reports, the idea to develop an AI assistant trained specifically for the financial industry was born.
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Thomas Kaiser, CEO Kodex AI
Thomas Kaiser
Co-founder & CEO
Claus Lang, CTO Kodex AI
Claus Lang
Co-founder & CTO

Our journey so far

In 2023, Kodex AI raised €1.6 million in a funding round led by Signals VC, with participation from Techstars, Deutsche Bank, and strategic business angels. This funding will accelerate the development of an AI assistant to empower financial professionals to instantly find, process, and analyze vast amounts of financial data from internal and external sources.
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Kodex AI raised €1.6 million
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Meet the Kodex AI team

Thomas Kaiser, CEO Kodex AI
Thomas Kaiser
Co-Founder & CEO
Claus Lang, CTO Kodex AI
Claus Lang
Co-Founder & CTO
Delane Zahoruiko, Founders Associate Kodex AI
Delane Zahoruiko
Founders Associate
Frederike Jung, Product Manager Kodex AI
Frederike Jung
Product Manager & UX Designer
Aleksandr Ogaltsov, Data Scientist Kodex AI
Aleksandr Ogaltsov
Data Scientist
Berk Ozzambak, Software Developer Kodex AI
Berk Özzambak
Frontend Developer
(Working Student)
Sabin Chalise
Sabin Chalise
Sr Frontend Engineer
Kirill Gringauz is a Software Developer at Kodex AI
Kirill Gringauz
Software Developer
Zeynep Vural
Business Development
(Working Student)
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We use AI tools and software to work smarter and more efficiently

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Our ideas and opinions are backed by arguments and we communicate explicitly


Every employee is an owner of Kodex AI and an owner of their work


We measure what matters most to improve our decision making

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We are not afraid of taking calculated risks as long as we learn from our failures


We brutally prioritise for value-add to maximize execution speed