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Equip your finance processes with Kodex AI to increase efficiency, make better decisions, win new clients, and enhance your organization’s security and compliance.
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Why should you use Generative AI?
of finance professionals say GenAI tools make them more productive
of finance professionals’ time is spent on manual tasks
of finance professionals say they struggle to meet deadlines for RFPs
(Cerulli Associates)
Why choose Kodex AI?

"Kodex AI addresses the specific needs of a highly regulated industry and has the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency of how financial data is being extracted and analyzed."

Gil Perez
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Kodex AI Generative AI solution for finance professionals

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Explore our comprehensive range of Kodex AI features

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Fine-tuned LLM

Precision-tailored LLM specialized in financial data
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No hallucinations

Eliminates unsubstantiated insights for factual intelligence without speculation
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Audit trail

Provides transparent data sourcing with detailed audit trails
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AI guardrails

Advanced data security measures, mitigating breaches and compliance violations risks with innovative AI guardrails
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Local hosting

Self-hosted solution for complete governance  and control over internal data
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High-level security

Robust employee access management and permissions oversight with comprehensive audit  logs, usage tracking, and analytics

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